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musicAeterna | Mysteria

Philharmonie de Paris

Paris, France


The mystery concert of secular and sacred music from the 14-21st centuries, performed by the musicAeterna orchestra and choir, is structured as a performance with a throughline. The story revolves around hearing the nature of sound, observing the flow of time, and human connection with the cosmos  of music. Yet, the course of the plot is unpredictable and will remain a mystery until the last note in the concert.


The programme covers eight centuries of music, from the medieval mass to contemporary works through the 20th-century classics. The variety of styles and genres presented in the concert, unconventional instruments (from saw to hurdy-gurdy) and playing techniques are counterbalanced by the specific stage direction: the works flow seamlessly into one another, with improvisatory elements tying them in one text like chapters of a novel.


This ‘novel’ should be read without spoilers, so the list of compositions will not be announced. The picture of the musical world, gradually emerging throughout the concert, will be the focal point for the musicians and the audience.

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