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musicAeterna | Stravinsky: The Firebird, Petrushka

Shpagin Plant, litera A

Perm, Russia


a special project of the International Diaghilev Festival, which will take place in Perm from December 23 to 25 under the artistic direction of Teodor Currentzis.


Igor Stravinsky (1906–1975)


Suite (1945)
Burlesque in Four Scenes (ed. 1947)



musicAeterna orchestra
Conductor Teodor Currentzis


Two masterpieces brought Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes to the foreground of the European musical theatre. In 1910, the ballet “The Firebird” to the music of the previously unknown composer Igor Stravinsky enjoyed incredible success at the Paris Théâtre du Châtelet. The following year Diaghilev brought to Paris a new performance, and it amazed not only the ballet audience, but also the most sophisticated mélomanes. “Petrushka” was created as a synthetic work – Igor Stravinsky composed the music and made up the libretto together with Alexandre Benois, who at the same time acted as a production designer and director of the troupe. Choreographer Mikhail Fokin and other like-minded people in Diaghilev’s circle actively participated in creating this opus magnum of the “Russian Seasons” in 1911.


“The Firebird” develops and brings to the limits of the permissible the late romantic musical language which Stravinsky adopted from his teacher Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. “Petrushka” is the first of many stylistic breakthroughs made by Stravinsky. This, in Benois’s words, “ballet street” is built on vulgar folk motifs, it is full of previously unheard timbre, rhythmic, polytonal findings and opens the way to European neo-folklore movement.


The music for these one-act plays has become an all-time classic of the world’s orchestral music. The Suite from the Firebird (1945) and the full score of Petrushka in revised version (1947) will be performed by musicAeterna and its conductor Teodor Currentzis in one evening show. This key event of Diaghilev+ will demonstrate how XIX-century music stepped into XX-century and what resonance this endeavor has had a hundred years later.

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