Stravinsky: The Rite Of Spring

Conductor: Teodor Currentzis

Performer: MusicAeterna

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Stravinsky: The Rite Of Spring
Sony Classical, 2015

To this day, the babushkas in villages in the Perm region – figures of great knowledge and

authority, like teachers, doctors and magicians rolled into one – dress as they did hundreds

of years ago and sit and sing these tunes. That is where The Rite of Spring comes from,

a combination of Russian folk tunes once known to every child in a Russian village street.

What I want to offer with this recording is the pure Russian essence of the piece. I want you,

the listener, to discover the real musical scent of this deep end of the world. – Teodor Currentzis


The Rite of Spring · Die Frühlingsweihe

(revised 1947 version)

Première Partie : L’Adoration de la terre

Part 1: The Adoration of the Earth

Erster Teil: Die Anbetung der Erde


1 Introduction                                                                                 3:28

2 Les Augures printaniers – Danses des adolescents     2:58

The Augurs of Spring – Dances of the Young Girls

Vorboten des Frühlings – Tänze der jungen Mädchen

3 Jeu du rapt                                                                                   1:09

Game of Abduction


4 Rondes printanières                                                                 4:05

Spring Rounds


5 Jeux des cités rivales                                                               1:51

Games of the Rival Tribes

Spiele der streitenden Stämme

6 Cortège du Sage                                                                         0:39

Procession of the Sage

Prozession des Weisen

7 Le Sage                                                                                           0:25

The Sage

Der Weise

8 Danse de la terre                                                                       1:05

Dance of the Earth




Deuxième Partie : Le Sacrifice

Part 2: The Sacrifice

Zweiter Teil: Das Opfer


9 Introduction                                                                                 4:37

10 Cercles mystérieux des adolescentes                            3:42

Mystic Circles of the Young Girls

Mystischer Reigen der jungen Mädchen

11 Glorification de l’Élue                                                           1:35

Glorification of the Chosen One

Verherrlichung der Auserwählten

12 Évocation des ancêtres                                                         0:37

Evocation of the Ancestors

Anrufung der Ahnen

13 Action rituelle des ancêtres                                               3:59

Ritual Action of the Ancestors

Weihevolle Handlung der Ahnen

14 Danse sacrale (L’Élue)                                                           4:35

Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)

Opfertanz (Die Auserwählte)